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Used Pool Tables For Sale

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Used Pool Tables For Sale in Chicago Metro Area Only

Price Varies by Your Location and Floor Level.

  1) Used Pool Table Price Range: Leather Pockets Starting at  $1,400* including delivery, installation, New cloth any color, New deluxe play kit, tax complete!

   2) Plastic Pocket Used Slate Pool Tables Prices Starting at $890* including delivery Installation, play kit , new cloth any color , tax complete! 


Call: 708-785-1433   *1st floor or Basement, Chicago Metro Area*

Pool Table Sizes,  standard pool table sizes and dimensions, and how large of a room is required for each?

Room Size Requirement

This is the Billiards Room-Size Requirement chart for pool tables.


Knowing your room size is imperative when buying a pool table. Choosing the wrong size table can spell disaster of inadequate space to take shots, so it is important to measure your room before making a selection of the table size. Once the room is measured, you can compare your measurements to our room size requirement sheets to make sure that you are getting the right size table for your room. For example, the Standard size of a pool tables for sale is 8’ by 4’, and a table of this size needs a room of 18 x 14 feet for adequate play area. If your room fits those requirements, an 8 Foot Table might be best for you.